Delta State ICT-Youth Empowerment Programme (ICT-YEP)

This programme, an initiative of the Ministry of Science and Technology, Delta State, is aimed at providing necessary ICT skills training to enable self-employment and business development for start-ups that will be based in Delta State.


The target audiences are graduate of tertiary institutions of Delta origin between the ages of 18 and 40 years.


  • Skills such as
  • Mobile and web application development
  • Networking and telecommunications
  • Inverter and solar systems installation and maintenance
  • Home and office-based networking
  • Home and office security solutions,
  • Fibre optics infrastructure and project management skills.

This programme aims to address these needs as well as provide starter packs with which participants can start their businesses. Enabling infrastructure and facilities are provided by the DSI-Hub which is a conducive environment for this programme. The processes employed to the successful implementation of this programme will be transparent, accessible and free from undue interference.

Please NOTE that the duration of the programme is four (4) months.

At the end of the training, Empowerment in the form of “Starter-Packs” will be given to successful trainees who have undergone the Information and Communication Technology – Youth Empowerment Programme (ICT-YEP).


  • The Start-up Academy
  • ICT for Self-Employment Training

The Start-up Academy

The start-up academy is to support the growth of committed persons who are passionate about the role of technology in transforming the state and the entire Nation. It is observed from experience that a lot of individuals especially youths and other business enterprise are interested in the application of technology to solve local problems and the goal of DSIHub is to continue to unearth such individuals/youths, and companies, to support them to bring their ideas/products to life within the state.

One of the essential ways this can become a reality is through the Start-up Academy programme in our innovation hub.

Courses :


ICT for Self-Employment Training

ICT for self-employment training is designed for participants who intend to acquire necessary ICT skills and set up technology-based businesses. It is mainly for those who are perfervid in developing themselves in the ICT world.

The ICT training for Self-employment offers advanced training on network devices and topology, infrastructure design and installation, router and switch configurations using GUI/CLI, PABX and IPBX installation, solar and inverter installation and repairs, network design and planning, business skills and project management, entrepreneurship and digital marketing skills and much more.

Courses :


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