Creating That Dream Job (Boost Yourself)

Are you considering waiting for your dream Job or going for what's available? An intriguing question you must ask your self.

There has been a divergent view between waiting for your dream job or getting what's available in the labour world apart from going through the stress of job hunting, interviews and finally accepting an offer, It may become stressful if you are lost in thought not knowing if you should take a good (but less-than-perfect) role and when to continue searching for your dream Job.

This dilemma can be more stressful for recent graduates who are eager to put their new degree and education into proper use having spent 4 or 5 years in the university / polytechnic.

To help you make a final decision, here are some tips that you may find helpful:

1.) Starting Point
Lots of people stay home for a year or two before realising that their first job would not be their dream job but a starting point. A lot of people run away from low paying jobs,  , roles and even jobs because its not what they want and it may not pay their bills forgetting that taking these roles increases their employability point, experience and most importantly taking them closer to their dream job. If you are still waiting for your dream job, you may want to take that Internship role, accept that Volunteering role or better still start with that Marketing Job.

2.) Don't Apply or Take Every Job
Despite the fact that your first Job puts you a step ahead to landing your dream job, you should take note of this caveat, "You must not accept every job" it is very important that Job seekers take jobs that will impact their growth positively. If working in Lagos will hinder you from completing your masters degree in Abuja why apply or take a Job in Lagos. For every job you take or apply for, it should align with your personal growth because if you are not happy in a Job, you will be less productive and may never get that dream Job you are longing for. So no matter what you do, make sure you are happy

3.) Prepare for your Dream Job
Having a dream and preparing for reality are two different things and oftentimes people stick to only dreaming and never prepare for reality. If you consider the the first step above, you may also want to prepare for reality which is getting the right skill needed for your dream job, knowing the right people in the industry you want to work in and be the first to apply when the roles are available ( got you covered on that). It is important to get familiar with people in the industry of your dream and see what they did or what you could do differently to get a shot. Follow the industry leaders on LinkedIn and get familiar with the happenings in the industry; It will be bad that you don't know the Deputy Governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria; and you want to work in a Bank.

I hope these three pointers will guide you when you get to that point where you have to decide between your  dream Job or going for what's available.

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