Why Nigerian Public Affairs Analyst and Consultants Should Consider a Master of Public Administration (MPA)

A Master of Public Administration (MPA) has proven to be a very valuable asset for professionals in the private and public sectors globally. Although the degree may have some specialty, the application of the viable skills acquired during the course-work for the degree may find application in several arms of local and global industries. Professionals in the private and public sectors can readily benefit from this degree as it opens a pathway of great opportunities in career development, enhancement, and growth in business.

Business Executives interested in the interplay between business and government entities, delving deeply into the inner workings of products and services that impact communities socially greatly favor a Master of Public Administration as a foot in the doorway for new business requirements.

They may expect to become a specialist in analyzing and developing policies in healthcare, education, human rights, and urban planning. In Master of Public Administration programmes, concentrations like non-profit management and public policy can be found. In fact, MPA degree holders can find work in fields where every public sector work is done.

For example, the oil/gas, energy, finance can benefit from an MPA's knowledge of how to navigate through government requirements. And of course, lobbyists often have MPA degrees themselves.

What does an MPA degree Programme cover?

Compliance analysts, public affairs specialists, NGO's (non-government organizations like UNICEF, the WHO, and more) and other fields can be valuable sources of jobs for MPA graduates. And of course, the MPA/MPP is a type of semi-terminal professional degree. Much like the MBA for Business and the MFA for the Fine Arts, many colleges and universities may allow you to teach with an MPA, particularly teaching public affairs, public administration or political science.

Students can typically complete a Master's degree Programme in public administration by studying in a brick and mortar institution. However, with the proliferation of online schooling, busy business people and professionals have an opportunity to take advantage of an online learning opportunity. This gives them the opportunity to work and learn on a self-paced basis.
Furthermore, MPA students may be permitted to concentrate on one specific type of policy. This could be policies like urban planning, education, human rights, the environment, or healthcare.

For professionals seeking to study an MPA degree, admission criteria typically require incoming students to hold a Bachelor's degree. This should also be from an accredited institution. In addition, a presentation of other eligibility requirements, like personal statements, recommendations, CVs and others, is required.
The Programme coursework involves the exploration of the laws and regulations affecting the issues in political leadership and government relations. Also, it includes subjects such as financing of public programmes, among others. Students who have studied for a Master of Public Administration (MPA) will develop organizational, decision making, and rhetoric skills.

What are the career opportunities for an MPA graduate?
MPA graduates can seek career opportunities with non-profit organizations, as well as with the government at all levels. The Programme will prepare them to become sound policymakers and leaders. During their Programme, they will be vested with research responsibilities on the effects of policy on governments and organizations. This includes exploration and development of theories, procurement of opportunities. In addition to possibly working jointly with university scholars and academia, or be contracted as government consultants. Their research work and findings can be useful in shaping government policies, among others.

Another important thing is to not just think about government jobs but to also consider wide ranges in the private sector. This could be jobs like "public affairs, compliance, regulation, government relations" that acquiring an MPA provides.

Master of Public Administration (MPA) holder may be contracted to teach political science at the university level. Such MPA holder may also use the same qualification to advance as a policy analyst in the legislative arena. The opportunity for consultants and educators is almost limitless.

Your stepping stone to the corporate world
Job opportunities abound in international relations, non-profit management, public finance, consulting, HR, arts management, or policy analysis. Both job titles and salaries vary with the degree and can prove to be very well worth it.

If you’re looking for certifications to advance your career in almost any sector, an MPA provides a springboard for professional progress for you.

Some of my close relatives with a background in “private sector” roles in finance investment banking, who have found a great use for an MPA, testified of its importance in helping them advance in their career. Therefore, coming from a purely private sector background is definitely not a mark against you. Also, if you have your background in military, education, healthcare, and even public office, an MPA helps position you as a key player in the decisions that shape how the world should look like.

Introducing Unicaf University's Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Unicaf University's Master of Public Administration Programme is for idealists who strive to "make the world a better place". The course will enable professionals to become efficiently equipped with all the necessary skills and knowledge needed to function effectively in solving problems and tackling challenges within the wider public sector.

A Unicaf University's MPA helps to position students, business people, and professionals as policymakers with the relevant skill set required to function as key players in the decisions that shape the global sharing economy. The certificates are tenable worldwide and are conversant with every international standard. Nigerian professionals with interest in public affairs have the most to benefit from this Programme. The reason being that knowledge acquired meets international standards, which will make their services be of immense importance locally. Also, it will give them the opportunity to tap from global practices which can be applied locally when practicing.

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More About Unicaf University
Unicaf University is a pan-African institution, with established campuses and learning centers in 11 African countries. The institution offers undergraduate and postgraduate degree programmes of top quality through online and blended study system. Unicaf University's education system brings an array of opportunities for students in Nigeria seeking internationally Recognised degrees. Candidates can also study in their home country through the online study system of Unicaf University. They can still study for these degrees “on campus” in one of the Unicaf University campuses in Africa.

Application for the Unicaf University Master of Public Administration (MPA)
Candidates with an interest in Unicaf University’s Master of Public Administration can apply by visiting the application page here . Candidates should fill out the application form to express interest for the Programme. Applicants will be contacted by a student adviser from Unicaf University within 48 hours.

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