N-Power Batch C Selection and Deployment

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As the  N-Power  verification Continues for the  batch C Applicants , one thing that comes to mind is “what next after verification”.

This post is meant to give you an insight into what next so read on.

The next thing after N-Power  verification is  deployment ! What is happening right now is pre-selection which does not mean you will automatically be Shortlisted for deployment.

According to the verification mail sent to N-Power  batch C  applicants shortlisted for pre-selection ( Verification ), it stated that shortlisting for verification does not guarantee a final place on the program. Although getting to the verification stage is a big plus for you but you will have to meet the following requirements to get to the final stage which is deployment.

What Will Guarantee Your N-Power Final selection (deployment)

Do not jubilate yet if you get to the verification stage, you must fulfill the requirements below to be selected for final deployment:

  • Login to  NASIMS Portal
  • Click Verification tab
  • Click Capture your finger
  • Install enrollment app
  • Re-enter credentials and click proceed
  • Click begin enrollment
  • Submit and save the enrollment
  • End and exit app

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